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ELF (Entity Link Fixer)

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Entity Link Fixer (yes, "ELF")

With the soon to be released Act! Premium Plus (and the currently available Tables4Act!), we'll be dealing with issues relating to customers creating tables, and one of the big ones is which entities these tables get linked to.
Currently if someone creates a custom table that is linked to too many Entities (Contacts, Companies, Groups, and Opps), or to too few, there is no way in the SDK of changing this linkage after the fact. In other words, the custom table linkage dies the way they're born.

This can be important if excessive entity linkage causes needless database overhead and degrades performance. Or conversely, if it's discovered after the fact that a custom table needs to be linked to Groups or Opps, then the Admin is facing the prospect of exporting the table data, deleting the table, recreating the table with the proper links, and then importing all the data back. Unpleasant, and thanks to ELF, now easily avoided.

ELF is a simple tool that easily allows users to select local or network databases, select a specific custom table, and then choose which entities they'd like linked. The first screen displays the status quo, and with simple check boxes, the user can add or remove links as needed. You can even add back links previously removed.

And the best part is ELF is included FREE with the Keystroke Admin Pack subscription.

* In Sync environments, ELF will have to be applied on both the Master and RDB.




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