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Impact Tables

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Impact Tables

Impact Tables allows users to design data entry forms to track additional records, apply math formulas, run advanced queries, export to Excel, or generate reports.

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  What is a custom table? 

  • Use it to organize, catalog and track incoming and outgoing inventory items
  • You could use it to integrate project management using your existing contact database. 
  • You could create tables to track any type of data such as tickets or service calls.
  • The Impact Tables is a custom table and view designer for ACT! 2010 or better.   Impact Tables allows you to: 
  • Add custom tables and fields into your database.
  • Unlimited child tables such as; Company-Projects-Events-Expenses.
  • Attach to Contacts, Groups, Companies and/or another custom table.
  • Apply math formulas between parent-child tables and fields.
  • Create and manage advanced queries .
  • Export custom spreadsheets to Microsoft Excel.
  • Generate reports and documents from MS Word templates.
  • Sort, group, organize and manage your custom data.
  • Apply color rules per row or column and more.

Our goal at Durkin Computing is to provide the easiest, intuitive, yet most powerful custom table designer tool on the add-on market. Just look at this example were we created and customized a table called "Automobiles".


Because Impact Tables is embedded inside Act!, it runs under the Act! SQL database engine and instantly updates your database. It allows employees to view and edit custom tables and records at any time even with remote databases.

Dive in and design your own tables, or get started with one of the 25 starter

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Act v18, Act v19, Act v20, Act v21
Act! for Windows, Act! for Web

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