Open quote monitor (Navlet)

v21 compatible
box-thin-standalones-open-quote-monitorOpen quote monitor (Navlet)

Product Description

Open quote monitor: Have a field on the homescreen that alerts you to whether there is an open opportunity for that contact. This is intended to help with sales teams where reps could accidently quote a customer that is already working with another rep.

* The dll needs to be dropped into the "Tools" folder within your "C:Program Files (x86)ACTAct for Windows" directory
* Some free ACT addons are not visilbe in ACT!. To prevent this you must ensure that the addon file you download is not blocked before installing the product. After downloading and unzipping the addon right click on the .dll file and go to "Properties > General tab" and hit the "unblock" button. If the .dll file has not been blocked there will be no unblock button visible.



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