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Mail Merge

Blast out that E-mail (and Faxes too!)

You know how critical it is to stay in touch with your prospects and clients. But the act of sending out a simple newsletter can sometimes make you feel like Sisyphus (the guy that has to push a rock up a mountain for all eternity).

We understand that you want to send the email today and you need it to be simple to do. We offer you Mail Merge. We've been building email sending utilities for over five years, and this completely new Mail Merge is the best yet.

You want to:

  • Create a good looking message that is readable when E-mailed
  • Easily pick the contacts you want to send to
  • Avoid sending to duplicate or obsolete email addresses
  • Send knowing that your ISP's limits on email will be handled automatically
  • Get it done today

Mail Merge is designed to help you each step of the way.


  • TurboSend™ (NEW in Version 12 for ACT 2010) -- automatically compresses your pictures on the fly for rapid sending and good rendition in email - so you can use pictures from your new hi-resolution digital camera without worry or tedious manual pre-processing! Better, faster emailing with less hassle!
  • Send marketing messages using your  account!
  • Simple, intuitive Menu Free™ Interface
  • Built in HTML editor that creates HTML optimized for sending in email
  • or send HTML created by Dreamweaver, FrontPage or other HTML editors
  • Use Outlook Express Stationery
  • Send Dual HTML / Text email or HTML only or Text only
  • Supports Embedded Pictures (sent with the HTML email) or web hosted pictures
  • Supports .GMT files
  • Multiple SMTP Accounts with their own "My Record" data
  • Supports ACT 2000/5/6/7/8/9 as data source
  • Also supports Excel and .CSV
  • Automatic Duplicate Removal
  • Syntax check on email address
  • Bounce Backs handled and tracked automatically
  • Unsubscribes handled too
  • Very, Very Fast
  • PDF documentation & video tutorials

Act! SpecificFeatures

  • Merge Any Act! Contact Fields
  • Merge Any Act! Company Fields (Act! 7 and later)
  • Merge against Current Contact, Current Lookup
  • Merge against a Group, a Company or a Field Lookup (Act! 7 and later)
  • Create a History of the Merge, optionally attach copy of merged message
  • Export Bounced & Unsubscribed email address back to a field setting in Act! (Act! 7 and later)
  • Integrate menus and buttons in Act! to launch a merge with a specific template

Now supports FAXing!

Now included is the ability to do a mail merge to Fax to any source of contacts listed above. Mail Merge drives Microsoft Word and Microsoft Fax to deliver your faxes using standard Microsoft tools.



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