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Impact Calendar

This robust calendar module extends the native ACT! features allowing user to customize the daily, weekly, work week and monthly calendar views. This modules supports side-by-side column, any field from the contact table such as phone numbers and/or custom fields, as well as administrator defined color rules so every user see the same activities the same way. We also add a quick "Daily" calendar to the right side to quickly view any single days activities directly from the monthly view.

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Download and install this add-on if you are looking for powerful calendar functions such as: 
•Improved interface features with Project Tracking    
•Side-by-side columns for smarter viewing    
•Invitation status and Activity series tracking    
•Customize the activity to capture more fields*   
•Google Maps and Holidays for 40 countries    
•New Microsoft Word Template and Email features 
  About Impact Calendar for ACT! Q: Have you ever wanted to customize the calendar looks or printing the calendar? 
Q: Do you waste valuable time toggling to get a phone number or city/state? 
Q: And, have you ever wished to clearly display ALL the names of all contacts?  Then Impact Calendar for ACT! is for you — a productivity addon that extends and enhances ACT's native calendar view — delivers those and many other benefits. Offering a familiar, easy-to-use interface, this tool deliver robust features and functionality you can't enjoy with ACT's native Calendar view.  Impact Calendar for ACT! is embedded inside ACT!'s easy-to-use interface, so there’s no need to run multiple applications or launch external programs. Once installed you will wonder how you got along without it. This contact management and calendaring addon for ACT! is a must have for any power user.  Easy To Use 
• See the schedules of multiple users, groups, companies, employees, contacts or resources in a column format. 
• Display any ACT! field from the contact directly on the calendar. You can select unlimited number of fields.
• See your entire notes/details text field not just a little 'icon' representation. 
• Customize the ACT! Calendar in all views—daily, weekly and monthly. 
• Reschedule or reassign any activities in a single click or by simple dragging it onto another date. 
• Print any field(s) from the contact record, such as company name, phone number, ID/Status, priority, etc. 
• See the names of all participants rather than "". 
• Exclusive wrap-around feature allows you to see and print the full text of your details/notes field. 
• Add colors based on text such as ‘send RFP,’ ‘follow-up,’ ‘whitening,’ ‘oil change,’ ‘take X-ray,’ etc. 
• Personalize printing with larger fonts, additional fields like "cell phone,” color coding, etc.  Greater Convenience
• Have more ACT! contact management information at your fingertips.
• Specify exactly what you would like to see in your ACT calendar.
• Make all activity information view able and printable. Increased Efficiency
 Filter calendaring data by any field.
• Quickly view and print schedules.
• Reschedule and reassign activities in a single click.
More Flexibility
• Personalize your ACT! Calendar interface using drag & drop filter panels. 
• Personalize printing with larger fonts, additional fields like "cell phone,” color coding, etc.  


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