Product Description

An easy, effective way to transfer data from email into Act!.

Automized gathering and data import from web forms

  • Generates leads
  • Qualifies leads
  • contact extraction from online inquiries
  • automatic contact creation from e-mails
  • automatic duplicate-check
  • Categorize contacts
  • Plan follow-ups
  • Individual settings
  • Save e-mails

FETCH|IT is an effective timesaver for business that rely on automated email systems to manage leads, contact updates, or information requests. The easy to use application automatically retrieves messages from all of your POP3 email accounts, extracts the information you need, and prepares it for use in programs such as your Act! CRM. No more time-consuming, error-prone manual processing required.

With FETCH|IT we made a bundle that allows you to download the data from system generated emails automatically and insert these into your Act! database. This process runs after the first configuration fully automatic, so that not every single e-mail needs to be edited manually. The mechanism will not only help you to save time and money -- it also increases the quality of the data transfer.

FETCH|IT can automatically create new contacts from almost any e-mail data. Within defined time intervals, the service analyzes new emails based on your individual configuration and then stores the data as importable file. This is then imported at certain times and the selected contact fields are then filled with the existing data. Furthermore, the e-mail or its attachments can be attached to the Act! contact as note / document / history.

You can decide what you want to do with the processed emails -- whether you want to delete them after importing or save them in a directory.

FETCH|IT eliminates the laborious typing or copy & paste of the contact information thus you can save a lot of time and money. Due to the fully automated tool you can not only save new contacts -- you also improve your data.

You only have one task left -- the definition & configuration of basic settings -- all further steps are done by the FETCH|IT service.


FETCH|IT add-on editions

Die Editionen des Addons FETCH|IT

We offer our add-on in the following versions: BASIC, STANDARD, ADVANCED, PROFESSIONAL and ULTIMATE. To see the exact differences please view the funtions table below.

Functional differences between FECTH|IT editions

Import automatically from e-mail +
Transfer data automatically in Act!
Add documents to companies and contacts
Create groups and add contacts to these
Add attachments to notes, histories and activities -
Create notes -
Create histories -
Schedule activities -
Schedule follow-ups - -
Create companies and add contacts to these - -
Create parameters to automatically sort e-mails in Act! - -
Create/ update oppertunities - -
Optimized Mode - - - -
ASCII (CSV)  +  + +
MS Excel, MS Access - -
Act! - -
XML - -
My SQL - - -
Navision - - -
E-Mails per week 50 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Number of e-mail accounts 2 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited


* supports SQL

 CRMADDON Add-ons for Act! are registered once at the time of installation for the existing version of Act!. As long as you stay with this Act! version the updates for the add-ons are free of charge.

You can upgrade from one edition to a higher edition at any time. When you upgrade to a higher version (e.g. from BASIC to ADVANCED), the value of the previously bought version is credited, we do however charge 15% upgrade fee. Please contact us for more information.

485.00 $485.00 each

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Act v7 or Newer
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