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Category: Updates
05 February 2019

We like Act! add-ons.

Not only does Keystroke have the Actcessory Market on our website, we also own & operate the Act! Marketplace If that were not enough, we’ve developed almost one hundred add-ons to this point, some of which have gone onto become the most popular in the 30+ year history of Act!.

Why do we like addons so much? The short answer is they save the customers time, money, and help them Act! better.

MobilityFor instance, despite Swiftpage’s Companion offering for subscription customers, Handheld Contacthas led the industry in providing a useful extension of Act! for those on the road, or simply away from their desk. Customers have become so dependent on HHC, that many subscribers use it at the...

Category: Updates
25 May 2018

Keystroke is pleased to announce that we've just added several key new features to the Knowtifier that are now available free of charge to subscribers through the Act4work updater.

These new features include the following:

Activity Knowtifications: This new feature allows you to configure the Knowtifier to send email alerts to people you have scheduled activities with in Act!. Act alarms may alert users, but contacts can now be alerted by emails of upcoming activities. Admins can configure which activities types to include, which users, and how much lead time. Enhanced Integration with Reporting4Act!: Now the Knowtifier can be configured to reliably automate report delivery to members of your team through the most power reporting tool...

Category: Updates
25 May 2018

Since Keystroke and Stonefield Query partnered to release Reporting4Act!, a number of new features and updates have been released to improve the product and customer experience. Here is a list of those changes from most recent back to mid March 2018.

Please note that as of version 7.0, Stonefield Query for Act! is now known as Reporting4Act! - Powered by Stonefield Query, and that this latest update, namely version 7.0.6696 of Reporting4Act!, includes all the previous version 7.0 features.

Version 7.0.6696 

A new Displaying Rich Text sample report was added, demonstrating how formatted text can be included in report output.

Several "Details" and "Note" field captions have been updated to "Details (Text Only)" and "Note (Text...

Category: Updates
25 May 2018

Quoting4Act! is an integrated quoting solution that works with both Act! for Windows and Web. Simply start by creating an opportunity, adding your products and services, and with a click of the mouse Quoting4Act! converts it into a sophisticated quoting module that allows you to calculate shipping fees, sales taxes, and even foreign exchange. You can also embed your company's logo, corporate colours, contact information, tax code, and disclaimer text to create a professional looking quotation any company would be proud to present.

Quoting4Act! uses Tables4Act! to automatically create custom tables for all your products, and it even has it's own product importer to get up and running even easier. Using a built-in PDF manager, Quoting4Act...

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